It all started with a little boy who was annoyingly mechanical. He was curious about how everything worked. According to his mother she was forever finding a toaster or something taken apart. That's where the annoyingly mechanical part comes in. When asked if her husband was some kind of appliance repairman or car mechanic or something she laughingly said " heck no! Why that man couldn't use a screwdriver to save his life". "David was just born with a drive and a special ability concerning anything mechanical". " Why I remember this one time I had taken the kids and put them in the car to go to the five and dime and the car wouldn't start. I tried and tried and the darn thing just wouldn't start. So I went in the house to use the phone and while I was inside I heard the car start. I couldn't believe my ears, not only because I couldn't start it but I also had the keys in my hand. I just dropped the phone and ran out as fast as I could to find the car stopped in the middle of the street. That little ...... had taken a quarter and stuck it up behind the ignition switch and started the car in gear, and he was only 3 years old. Thank God he didn't run anybody over. Now you see where all these gray hairs came from".
Fast forward some 20 years and David gets hired at a major plumbing company in Orange County to repair and maintain their vehicles and equipment. David excelled in this position and moved up in the company being trained in all aspects of the plumbing business. Some years later in 1986 David ventured out on his own getting his Plumbing Contractors License.
In the years since starting his plumbing career David has mastered his trade and been asked by the State Contractors License Board to assist in contractor training. Also David has been involved in setting standards for Sanitation System Inspecting at the invitation of the County Health Department. David Rupp and Thrifty Plumbing and Heating are well recognized in the community for expertise and service excellence. Award winning Thrifty Plumbing and Heating is a proud supporter of the mountain communities, we and our employees and families have lived here, worked here, gone to school here, and shopped here for decades. David's Mother even went to Rim High as a young girl.
When you have any plumbing or Heating need we are close by, we know the area, we know the issues that are different about mountain properties, so call us now!

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