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Let us help you solve your problem with our well trained staff and our many years of experience in the mountains. Our highly trained plumbers will evaluate your individual situation and give you the expert advice you are looking for. It is our job to give you all the prudent options so you can make a decision that fits your budget and your long term goals for the property. We are a state licensed (A) General Engineering Contractor, and also carry state licenses for Plumbing (C-36), Heating (C-20), and Sanitation or Septic Systems (C-42) Lic. 504977. Compare our license number to others to see who has the most experience (the lower the number the longer the contractor has had his license).

For your safety we drug test and background check our Plumbers, both pre-employment and random testing. We at Thrifty Plumbing and Heating are accustomed to working on all types of properties including primary residences, vacation homes, rental properties, commercial business properties, cabins or castles. We are familiar with the needs of our local celebrity clients and are able to work with personal assistants and insure confidentiality by all employees.

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Thrifty Plumbing and Heating is a licensed Plumbing contractor serving Blue Jay for over two decades. We have been licensed plumbers since 1986. We are local residents, our kids go to school here, and we shop here in Blue Jay.
Why wait for someone to come from Crestline or down the hill. Of course those out of area companies will have to charge more to cover the additional driving time and fuel. And of course it will take longer for them to come out, also they're more likely to be late or not even show up in bad weather or for a warranty issue. Thrifty Plumbing is the best choice for a plumber in Blue Jay, just ask or satisfied clients, so if you need help call us now!
Thrifty Plumbing and Heating Inc.
PO Box 247
Lake Arrowhead, Ca 92352

We perform service and repair work for the following situations:
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Drain Cleaning
Septic Repairs
Water Heaters
Broken Pipes
Frozen Pipes
Shut off valves
Gas Leaks
Main Sewer Lines
Kitchen Clogs
Tub/Shower Clogs
FHA certs
VA Certs
Leach line Rooter
Septic Tank Repair
Forced Air Heater
Wall Heater
Floor Heater
Gravity Heaters
Laundry clogs
Area Drains
Video Camera Inspecting
Toilet stoppages
Tankless Water Heaters
Whole House Repipe
Pipe Locating