Since 1986- We at Thrifty Plumbing and Heating Inc. have been providing professional drain cleaning and sewer rooter service since 1986. We snake Main Sewer Drain lines, Kitchen Sinks, Toilets, Laundry drains, Tub/Shower Drains, plugged sewers, root stoppages, lavy sinks, floor drains, floor sinks, mop sinks, area drains, outside drains commercial, restaurant, and residential slow draining or totally plugged drains.

Others may Fail- Some plumbers are not experts at clearing stoppages like we are. Some companies make recommendations that are not necessary. In some cases they lack the expertise we have, and of course there are some bad apples that attempt to make unneeded repairs to increase profits. If you have been told you need a repair or dig up that you think might not be needed feel free to call us for a second opinion. Many times we find the repairs recommended by others are not needed.

Pipes do break and wear out- In some cases piping can become rotten or broken and will need to be repaired or replaced. We are a fully licensed Plumbing Contractor and are licensed to work both on private property and in the public roadway, (most plumbers are only licensed to work on private property and can not legally work on your piping in a public easement or roadway) so call us and know that we can do the job start to finish without hiring another plumber to finish the job.

Thrifty Plumbing and Heating Inc. - Professional, Respected, and Admired, A company you can trust.
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