My Kitchen Sink is plugged, can I try something myself before calling a Plumber?
Yes! There are basically four courses of action that can be taken by a homeowner prior to calling Thrifty Plumbing. It depends on your mechanical aptitude and your willingness to get dirty, your physical limitations, and just how far you want to get into it to save a buck. Understand also that a properly cleaned kitchen drain by a professional with professional grade equipment will normally last 10 years or so before needing another snaking. Ok so let's get into it.
1.) You can take apart the drain piping under the kitchen sink and if a block is found remove the block and reassemble the piping. This is your best case scenario, anything else you do will most likely be temporary and is tougher and dirtier. the reason it will most likely be a temporary fix for you is that you won't normally have access to professional grade equipment nor will you have the experience using it that is required for long lasting results.
2.) If the pipes under the sink were not plugged and the block is in the wall or the subfloor piping, one method of clearing the block is to use a rubber pressure attachment for the garden hose. I never recommend the use of these devices for a couple of reasons. a.) You will be putting 60-120 psi in a pipe that was never designed to hold more than about 5 psi. So it is possible that when you turn on the hose it could blow the pipe apart at a joint or connection spewing black dirty sewage water into the wall or ? This will be a major clean up mess that could cost thousands. b.) Secondly if the pipe doesn't break or blow apart but the block doesn't clear or if the hose blows apart before the block clears you will have that same 60-120 psi of dirty sewage water coming back at you from wherever you put that device into the pipe. It's just not worth the risk. My opinion- never try this, never let anyone tell you they can do this safely, if you do this successfully you were just lucky! Period!
3.) If the pipe is plugged in the wall or the floor you can rent a sewer cleaning machine and try it yourself. The cost of renting is generally not to much less than a professional would charge so that may not be worth getting dirty for (your call). To do the job properly you will need a 75" long snake (depending on your house plumbing layout) electrically powered. Wear safety glasses, gloves, and keep any hair or loose clothing tight to your body. If your hair gets caught in the snake it can rip it out of your scalp leaving a bald bleeding spot (ask me how I know this).
4.) The last option I will talk about is a chemical poured down the drain. I would never recommend using a chemical drain opener to clear a stoppage. The reasons for this are as follows a.)Most popular drain cleaners say "wont hurt pipes" yet when we pro's go out and see holes all around the entire garbage disposal and the client says "It didn't leak until I put this stuff in". Well we know these claims are not always true. We also see the drain cleaner in some cases harden up like cement in the pipe. we also see plastic pipes get soft and disfigure needing replacement. Also it is legal to use rubber connectors on the pipes both in the wall and under the sink and if those become damaged the wall or floor may have to opened up to repair them.
To sum it up if its not plugged in the piping you can take apart under the sink its best to call in a professional company like thrifty Plumbing. Call now at the number Below!
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