Why should I have my pipe video camera inspected?
The benefits to having a pipe camera inspected vary from property to property. I will develop a few of the more common situations that a property owner would benefit by having this done, but first let me explain exactly what it involves.
A video camera inspection is a process similar to the endoscopic diagnostic procedure done to a heart patient. In plumbing we put a camera attached to a hard but flexible cord down the pipe and watch on a TV monitor as the camera is pushed down the pipe. As we watch on the TV monitor it looks like we are walking through a tunnel. The camera can be stopped and moved back and forth to examine specific areas of the pipe. This is normally done on sewer or drain piping and seldom ever done on incoming water pipes due to their small size, sharp turns, and generally it's not a beneficial inspection.
The types of situations that can normally be seen with a video camera inspection are roots growing into the pipe, broken piping, illegal or unauthorized tie ins, sections of pipe without proper downhill slope, as well as locate pipe to prevent damage, locate bends or turns, pipe depth, problem areas, and locate clean-outs that you may not know you have.
Where the real benefits to this camera inspection come are in cost savings to the property owner. The ways it can save you money are as follows:
1.) You may be snaking the sewer as often as once a month when it gets real bad. A camera inspection will show you what is causing the problem so it can be fixed then it should no longer plug up at all saving lots of money on drain cleaning.
2.) If you have regular pipe blockages some plumbers will tell you that you need to replace the entire pipe because it's old. Well a camera inspection may show you for a fact that you only need to replace a 6 foot section of the pipe saving some serious cash.
3.) Sometimes people follow the recommendation by others to replace the pipe all the way to the street only to still have the same troubles. It is common in the mountains to have your pipe go into the public road and sometimes go totally under the road and through another property before it ends at public pipe. The pipe is almost always your responsibility until it connects to the public system. Video inspection can determine where the problem is before you start paying to fix something that may not solve the problem at all.
4.) Another cost saving benefit is if your pipe goes under a driveway or concrete slab a video inspection can reveal that the pipe is good under that slab and thus save you the concrete cutting, demo, hauling, and replacement costs.
5.) A video camera inspection could reveal that you have clean-out accesses you didn't know about. Having a clean out will save the cost of having a toilet removed and replaced to clean the sewer, also it will allow better cleaning of the pipe and that should last longer until the next cleaning is needed. It's also nice to keep the plumber and the mess outside right.
6.) When buying a property, during the inspection process you can video camera different pipes to make sure there are no problems that someone is not telling you or doesn't know about. If a problem is found you can request a price allowance.
7.) If you are planning to plant a tree or change the landscaping doing a camera inspection beforehand will enable you to map the location of the pipes so that they will not be broken while digging. I can't tell you how many times people have said "I had no idea the pipe was here" or "why is the pipe this shallow, I thought it would be at least 2 feet deep".
8.) Lastly if you are replacing a driveway or slab or something major like that it is best to camera inspect the condition of the pipe beforehand so you don't have to demo out all that new landscaping or driveway right after you finish making it nice.
So you can see that there are plenty of cash saving reasons to do a video camera inspection. If you would like to schedule an appointment call one of our friendly call takers now!
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