Main Sewer Line Defined- When we talk about a residential or small commercial building normally the building will have several drain pipes that connect to one main building drain pipe and then that pipe will take all the waste from those pipes out to either the public sewer pipe or the septic tank. That main building drain pipe is commonly called your "main sewer line".

Symptoms that my Main Sewer Line is plugged- These symptoms vary depending on plumbing pipe configuration and the levelness of the property and even how many stories tall the building is. So there are some exceptions but the following symptoms will apply most always. If you flush a toilet and the water comes up in a bath tub or shower - that is a main sewer line clog. If you have a cleaning access ....more

What should I do?
1. Stop running all water in the building, this will most likely save you from additional property damage and clean up.
2. Call a company experienced in drain cleaning like Thrifty Plumbing. A simple mistake by someone who doesn't have extensive training in sewer and drain cleaning could cost thousands of dollars in water damage.
3. Call your local sewer company to see if they are having problems with the public sewer. They will usually verify that the problem is indeed in your line at no cost to you.
4. Get antiques, furniture, and valuables off the floor, water can sometimes flood so quickly that you don't have time to move valuables fast enough.
5. If you have had water damage and possibly have mold starting to grow shut off forced air heating and a/c as well as fans because mold can spread airborne. Ideally you want to contain any mold to the area it is in and not spread it to other parts of the home.

What should I Avoid?
1. Don't procrastinate or put off getting this resolved. It costs more the longer you wait, it is harder to clear a stoppage that has been plugged for a longer time because the blockage usually allows some water by it and then more solids build up behind the clog thus making it harder to get the cleaning blade to the actual block.
2 Don't live in a house with sewage standing in a drain or toilet, it can make you sick.
3.Do not touch sewer water with bare hands, wear gloves during clean up and even a medical mask to prevent splashing in your nose or mouth, protect any open soars.
4. Don't try to pinch pennies here, hire a professional, the costs to your health and your valuables as well as your wallet in the future when something is done wrong is not worth the risk.

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