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All Water Heaters are not created equal- Most people don't know this but water heaters are kind of like restaurants, they all have the same basic purpose but there is a vast variety of how they do it. In the mountain areas we have much colder temperatures of both the water coming into the water heater and the air around the outside of the water heater. It only makes sense that with colder water coming in and colder air around it your water heater will not heat the water as fast or keep it hot as long as if it were down the hill. Also a lot of gas appliances are only designed for up to 2,000 feet elevation and may not burn safely or efficiently at higher elevations without being modified.
Another difference is the amount of insulation around the outside of the water tank. The standard down the hill water heater has an insulation rating of R 6.7. The higher the R number the more insulation and the less gas will be needed to keep the water in the tank hot. For mountain homes we recommend a minimum R-16 insulation rating and suggest even higher like R-22 if possible. This gives you about three times the insulation around the water tank than the standard R 6.7. This will reduce how often the burner has to come on to keep the water hot. So installing the down the hill water heater in a high elevation cold climate will cause your gas bill to be higher.
We also have specially designed water heaters for areas where standard venting is not possible or even where the standard height water heater may be too tall for a legal installation; these are called power vents or shorties. We also have tankless or on demand water heaters. For more info on Tankless Water Heaters click here.
If you would like to make an appointment for one of our experts to come out and evaluate your exact situation and start moving forward to getting the proper water heater for your home please call one of the numbers to the right today.
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