How do I know if I need a repipe?
There are only a couple reasons to do an entire house repipe. The most common reason is that your house was originally piped with galvanized pipe and that pipe is now either so restricted that you have very little water coming out of faucets or the pipes keep developing leaks that are getting costly and annoying.
It is also possible to have a home that had
defective copper or plastic piping installed that continues to develop pin hole leaks and that would have to be repiped as well. Another reason we see from time to time for a home needing a total repipe is if the house was repiped by someone who did it all wrong. Sometimes this is due to the person trying to do something he really wasn't skilled enough to do, or sometimes people just don't care about doing the job right, they just want the money. Either way this can happen so be wise and don't let it happen to you. Usually this happens when you choose a really low bid, see the "How do I make sure the job gets done right" section below to best avoid this.
Another reason for needing a total repipe is if
the installer didn't deburr the pipe on the inside. The problem is this is not detectable when looking at the job when it's done, and pipe if it is not deburred will develop holes in the pipe just past the cut but usually after a couple years. If this is done throughout the house it is not fixable, and will need total replacement. It may also be impossible to go after someone years later if you didn't hire a reputable firm.
We're not done yet, there is another common problem that is created by inexperience or
trying to save on materials. Sometimes an installer will use more small pipe than he should because is costs less than larger pipe sizes. The problem with that is it creates problems like water temp or pressure change when you're in the shower and someone flushes a toilet. The fix for this is usually total pipe replacement again.
How do I make sure the job gets done right?
The best chance to get a good job is to follow these guidelines:
1.) Hire a company that has been in business a long time. The newer the company the greater the likelihood that they will bid incorrectly or that the people doing the work will not be properly trained. Also there is a greater chance that they will go out of business and be unable to finish the job or honor any warranty claim you may have.
2.) Make sure to hire a contractor with the C-36 designation, that is the plumbing designation. It wouldn't be a good idea to hire an Electrician or a General Contractor to do a major plumbing job. I know this sounds pretty obvious and somewhat silly but you'd be surprised how often contractors bid work outside of their area of expertise but don't tell homeowners that they are not licensed for the work they are bidding.
3.) Make sure the Contractor gets the job permitted and inspected by the local Department of Building and Safety. It does cost a hundred dollars or so but these inspections are to protect you and the public from shoddy work. Inspectors are trained to know the codes and remember the codes are only the minimum acceptable method of assembly, and a good job is built better that the minimum acceptable standards. So if your installer tries to talk you out of getting permits that should be a red flag to you.
4.) Watch the work being done. I don't mean you have to stand over the guy's shoulder the whole time, that will probably irritate some people. What I mean is look at what is being done, is it straight, is it clean and neat in appearance, learn how to tell if he is deburring the pipe because once the pipe is put together you wont be able to see if its been deburred, is the pipe well secured, does it look like he's proud of his work or is he hiding stuff when you pop in, and if something seems a little off stop and ask, don't be shy, you have to live with this job for a long time.
5.) Check the company's reputation with the State Contractors License Board

Of course we would love the opportunity to do a repipe or any type of plumbing for you so if you would like an estimate or to have a man come out to repair something for you call now and we'll get someone out promptly for you.

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